A Heartfelt Thank You

By Shelly Gilbride and Josy Miller

Spring is panel season at the California Arts Council, and as of June 3rd, spring has given way to summer and panel season has officially come to an end!

Over the course of the past three months, the California Arts Council has held 14 peer review panels to rank almost 1,000 applications to the Council’s grant programs. 64 panelists traveled to Sacramento from across the state, a group of individuals that included renowned scholars, educators, arts managers, and consultants, National Heritage Fellows, and exceptionally talented musicians, dancers, theatre practitioners, visual artists, street muralists, media artists, and poets.

Each panel convened for between two and three days at our offices in Sacramento. Our lovely (but windowless) conference room became a vibrant hub of intelligent and rigorous conversation about our grant programs, and about the challenges and opportunities currently facing artists and arts organizations in California. Sometimes discussions were heated, sometimes academic and esoteric, often humorous and joyful, but all of them were extraordinarily thoughtful.

We are profoundly grateful for the collective experience that we shared in through facilitating and witnessing all 14 of these panels. Each panelist read and reviewed applications independently before coming to Sacramento—sometimes as many as 80 each—and we were repeatedly impressed with the synthesis and analysis that each shared.

Something special happens when smart, insightful, generous people come together to work towards a common goal. The collective, in-person experience is what we who believe in the power of the arts truly cherish—the sharing of perspectives that allow discussions to evolve and to deepen, and ultimately to cohere in ways that move us all forward as a collective body.

We’re looking forward to our Council meeting in Richmond on June 16 where the Council will review the panel recommendations for our final six programs. Thank you to all 64 panelists who shared in the peer panel review experience this season, for your support of the creative, artistic work of Californians across the state!

Pictured above: The second of three panels for our Local Impact program. From left: staff member John Seto with Jennifer Laine, Valerie Janine Gutwirth, Joseph S Lewis, Donnie Matsuda, M.D., Ali Kenshaka

Shelly Gilbride is the Programs Officer for the California Arts Council. She can be reached at shelly.gilbride@arts.ca.gov.

Josy Miller is the Arts Education Program Specialist for the California Arts Council. She can be reached at josy.miller@arts.ca.gov.

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