Meet the CAC Staff, Part 3

This week brings the final installment of our Meet the Staff blog series. Unlike Part 1 and Part 2, which introduced staff specifically from our Administrative and Programs areas, these 10 employees are responsible for a variety of CAC work functions.

sandersonName: Stephanie Anderson
Title: Arts in Corrections Program Manager
Stephanie oversees the activities and contracts for our Arts in Corrections initiative, which brings rehabilitative arts programming to the inmates at every state correctional facility. Her day-to-day work is a testament to the power of the arts and serves as a big source of motivation for her: “Individuals who have gone through struggles in life and were able to overcome them, as well as those that have yet to overcome their challenges, inspire me to want to do more in this world.”
Another way she gains perspective? Through a telephoto lens. Stephanie recently bought herself a camera and has been putting it to good use with her newfound passion for photography. When she’s not taking pictures, she’s spending time with her son, Silas, occasionally indulging in some chocolate and/or Mexican food.

LBarcenaName: Lariza Barcena
Title: Administrative Analyst
Lariza’s the staff liaison to our Council members and gives admin support to our executive staff. She’s also a walking passport to multicultural delights! Lariza was born and raised in Italy, and her parents are Filipino. Her upbringing helped her become fluent in four different languages—Italian; Tagalog; English; and Ilocano, a Filipino dialect. She can converse in Spanish and French, too! It’s second nature to Lariza to immerse herself in all this big blue marble has to offer, and she does—by plane and by palate, traveling and sampling the local cuisine wherever she goes.
She’s also a talented dancer, trained in ballet, jazz, Filipino folklore dance, and hip-hop—her current love. She performs at sports games and other major events along with her crew, Boogie Monstarz, whose founder is one of the original Jabbawockeez!
Her guilty pleasure? No such thing. “I don’t feel guilty about them! Ha!”

ABCName: Anne Bown-Crawford
Title: Executive Director
You had an opportunity to get to know our director when she was first appointed by Governor Brown, but why pass up the chance to dig a little deeper? First, the job: As our director, Anne is responsible for agency administration and implementing the mission and the strategic vision of the CAC.
Now for the woman behind the work: Anne balks at the idea of choosing a favorite color. “An unfair question for an arts-immersed person!” she argues. But she doesn’t hesitate to declare her love for her five children, or her two dogs, Sadie and Kali. Anne grew up in Chicago with her four siblings, where activism was deeply instilled in her by her father, an ardent community organizer, still networking to this day. Her mother was a special education teacher. It makes all too much sense, then, that she would find the perfect hybrid of these two labors of love in her work here at the CAC, championing creative expression and lifelong learning for all as the centerpiece for healthy and happy communities.

kbrownName: Kimberly Brown
Title: Public Affairs Specialist
Kimberly—or Kim—is our communications coordinator, handling CAC’s press and outreach efforts (she may or may not have written this blog).  While not an artist herself, Kim has always had a deep love for the arts and their role in understanding the nature of humanity. She studied art history in college, has played host to a variety of gallery events, and served as a volunteer docent for galleries and museums. “It’s incredibly fulfilling to be able to meld my professional skills and my personal passions through my work here at the California Arts Council,” she says.
Beyond art, her interests are all over the map—old-school soul and R&B, etymology, perfecting the baked potato—matching up well with her favorite quote, from playwright and provocateur Oscar Wilde: “Consistency is the last refuge of the unimaginative.”

cfitzwaterName: Caitlin Fitzwater
Title: Director of Public Affairs
Caitlin comes to us from the East Coast. Raised in rural Western Maryland, she attended college in Baltimore and then gave into the allure of New York City, as so many young theater people are wont to do. Caitlin worked in nonprofit theaters in the Big Apple for several years before following another passion and bringing her talents to the world of public radio. She then made a pit stop in Washington, D.C. before California, Sacramento, and the CAC came calling in 2013. She’s been managing our communications, marketing, partnerships, and public events ever since. Recently, she took on her newest role as mom to her son Finn, now just 8 months old! She enjoys spending her free time in support of her husband’s woodworking business and traveling whenever possible—including a trip to Italy in the not so distant future.

akiburiName: Ayanna L. Kiburi
Title: Deputy Director
As Deputy Director, Ayanna serves as primary advisor to the Council and to our director, and is responsible for oversight of administration and program operations. Her background in public health gives her a unique perspective that allows her to hone in on strategies and opportunities where the arts and well-being intersect.
Ayanna was raised in the company of art and artists. Her father, part of the San Francisco Artist Guild, regularly took her on his travels to sell his work. Ayanna finds her own creative outlets through kinetic work, using her hands and body to dance, sing, and sew. She admires dancer Judith Jamison “for her story of triumph” and her rise to leadership as Artistic Director of the Alvin Ailey Dance Company.
Ayanna’s name is derived from Swahili. She took this name, along with her other family members who adopted their own Swahili titles, during the Black Power Movement of the 1970s.

kkowthaName: Kala Kowtha
Title: Information Technology Specialist
Kala was born and raised in India, and came to the U.S. for graduate studies in the 1990s. In that time, she’s met her husband, gotten married, had two kids, and become our go-to for all things tech. Kala enjoys her work here at the Arts Council because she gets a better understanding of the arts and, by extension, “a better understanding of the abstract in people.” She’s inspired by the good in others, and urges everyone to consider being an organ donor, having donated a kidney herself 18 years ago to a family member in need.
One last fun (and fitting) fact she shared with us just recently: In Hindi, Kala means “art.”

llittlefieldName: Laura Littlefield
Title: Associate Governmental Program Analyst
Laura is our newest staff member, handling administrative work for internal operations and serving as our Small Business Liaison. She’s also a voracious reader, and will happily take any recommendations sent her way. Laura grew up in Humboldt County, and met her would-be husband there while working at a mom-and-pop restaurant as a high-schooler. The couple just celebrated their 20th anniversary last month! And their love of art was not to be left out of the celebration of their love for one another: Her and her husband made a visit to the small town of Mukilteo in Washington to see a piece of art at the local library, “because for years now it has served as a metaphor for our relationship and the ways we make each other better.”


Name: Kristin Margolis
Title: Director of Legislative Affairs
We’re an active bunch here at the CAC, but Kristin is the clear frontrunner for the most FitBit steps acquired in any given day. As our liaison to the Capitol, she racks up the miles on the pedometer with her near-daily trips to the dome to talk with Assemblymembers, senators, constituent groups, and the governor’s office, keeping tabs on relevant legislation and spreading the word about the benefits of the arts.
Kristin’s favorite fruit—cherries picked fresh from the tree in her yard—should be ripening in the springtime sun as we type. When she’s not enjoying them a la carte, she’s baking them into a pie—one of her beloved hobbies, along with skiing and painting. If you’ve called her office, paged the Capitol, barked up the local fruit trees and she’s still nowhere to be found, she’s most likely fitting in some family time with her two teenage sons, playing basketball, swimming, or cooking.

wmoranName: Wendy Moran
Title: Graphic Designer
Wendy’s our resident graphic designer, making the rest of us look good by way of her bold colors and polished aesthetic. Her favorite artist is Milton Glaser, who she admires for his clean lines and simplicity that have no doubt inspired her work. Glaser once said, “There are three responses to a piece of design – yes, no, and WOW! Wow is the one to aim for.” Wow is a word that’s always on our lips with your creations, Wendy!
Wendy’s got a side hustle as keeper of the office candy dish. Sweets are her favorite treat, and she benevolently assuages fellow staff’s sugar cravings with an oversized apothecary jar well-stocked with goodies. Plus, she frequently surprises us with pastries in the morning. Wendy, you spoil us!

And with that, you’ve gotten to know each and every one of the staff here at the California Arts Council. We’re here to serve! Don’t hesitate to reach out to whomever best can address your needs.

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